Thursday, 16 October 2014

Small gift Big Smile :)

About 4000 years ago chocolate was first originated from Cacao Tree in Central America and Amazon. By the Olmec Civilization between 3500 and 2500 years ago Cacao tree was first cultivated. To make chocolate drink the cacao beans were roasted first and then grounded.  The Aztecs and Mayans knew the value of cacao beans and they first used the cacao beans as currency. With the passes of time this drink got huge popularity.  And in 1765 first Chocolate was invented.

By John Hanan the cacao beans were brought from West Indies to England where the first Chocolate Bar was made.  The period of the time was mid of 1847.

Since then the chocolate became the most attractive things to the children’s. Among the school boys and girls the popularity is in the highest level.

We can see now many types of chocolates by the invention power of Kitkat and Cadbury Dairy Milk. No one can resist their temptation if they are offered to take some delicious Chocolate.

Bless you Cacao Tree!!

Flower: The Best Gift


Flowers are the best gift in any sense:
From the ancient time flowers are treated as the mostly recommended gift. The peoples who had a wish to give some lovely gift or surprise usually offered flowers. It was a common thing to Welcome someone or to visit somebodies house with different types of flowers.
If we look back the ancient time, we can see that it was very common for all types of people (The Royal people or the common people) to offer flowers to their beloved.
Now a days the practice is being changing.  As we are in the time of latest technology, people offers their beloved by virtual flowers (the image of the flowers). I think you will disagree with me. Because I strongly believe that, you people always like the flowers which are fresh and picked  from the gardens.
Many people earn their livelihood by selling flowers. In Netherlands there is a huge market to sell /buy flowers. It has also made an extra income who are interested about gardening.
Today many super shop or online shop also have the facility to buy flowers from your own device and can make gift to your beloved peoples. As a result we can buy flowers easily and can send them to our desired address within a click.